As a photojournalist, Douglas Menuez has covered many issues of critical importance to the Hispanic community in the United States—the struggles of migrant workers, immigration and housing, gang-related drug wars, politics, culture, economics and education—all of which has heightened his awareness of the need for stories showing positive aspects of Hispanic culture and history. Through his work, Menuez has helped fund relief efforts during the San Francisco earthquake of 1989, children with AIDS, AIDS education in Africa, and has sought to use his photography to communicate the experience of the disenfranchised to create positive change.

With the publication of the book HEAVEN, EARTH, TEQUILA and a national traveling exhibit of its photographs, launch parties, events and attendant publicity, we hope to enhance cultural pride in the Hispanic community and create a forum in which the greater population can learn and grow from the traditions and culture of its largest ethnic minority group.

HEAVEN, EARTH, TEQUILA will seek to continue this effort by donating all of its publishing profits to benefit the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund (MALDEF), in order to further civil rights and fund education initiatives.


Founded in 1968, MALDEF stands out as the single most important organization committed to the protection of rights for the nation’s largest ethnic minority group. MALDEF has engaged in litigation, public policy advocacy, and development of educational programs in a variety of areas critical to the well being of Hispanics living in the United States: educational equity, equal employment, voting rights, immigration legislation, leadership development and others. MALDEF continues to play a key role in defending Hispanics against discriminatory treatment and securing equal rights and opportunities for them in American society. 

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